Monetize your Event as a BRAND with Event Digital Technology

Monetize Events

We are in the middle of an event technology revolution. It can be an overwhelming proposition but one that cannot be ignored. Event professionals will have three options when it comes to dealing with event technology:

  1. Ignore it – never a good idea but especially in the fast paced dynamic event industry
  2. Embrace it and learn it all yourself – a full time job and huge undertaking
  3. Rely on Event Tech Professionals to advise, strategize and run that side of your event for you –

Since being an Event Professional is already considered one of the most stressful jobs in the world [The Most Stressful Jobs of 2014 by CareerCast], I’m going to highly recommend you consider #3. Besides the fact that the standard requirements of event production are already very demanding for Event Professionals, using Event Technology requires not only knowing the terminology involved but also –

  1. knowing which technology to use for which aspect of the event
  2. knowing which of the multiple digital technology companies to choose
  3. knowing how all those different technologies work together from tech company to tech company
  4. and keeping up with the ever changing and adding of new technologies


The other important aspect of understanding how to use Event Technology is from the marketing side. Depending on what technology you decide to incorporate into your event, there is the “behind the façade” power aspect of digital online and social marketing incorporated into it all. Although it is not often talked about, and can be lost amongst all the tech talk of digital technology, the value of social and online marketing associated with the digital technology used at events is HUGE.


For instance, you pay your event speakers lots of money, and perhaps in the past, that value for your event as a BRAND ends at the event door and only continues on for the actual speaker though product and book sales, etc. But with Event Digital Technology, attendees come to the event to hear the speaker, and with the right event technology, your event as a BRAND, can continue to capture that value and extend it to promote the event beyond the “45 minute” speaking engagement. This is done by event attendees connecting the hot points used by the speaker to promote the event as a BRAND in itself. Event attendees “spread the word” through their use of digital technology to their individual social media accounts and website blogs. When this is done in real-time with the incorporation of digital technology, your event details now reach the “10,000 followers” of all the attendees that happen to report about the awesome speaker they saw at the awesome EVENT. THINK association by affiliation – it is incredible PR at an incredible value…and these interactions can be measured, captured and sold.


In my other article on Twitter and Event Digital Technology, I emphasized the use of Social Displays (also known as Twitterwalls, Tweetwalls, and live feeds) and their value in online marketing, but with the digital technology already available to us, attendees are doing so much more. Event attendees are connecting, doing business, catching leads, getting sales, setting appointments, evaluating products, (making lifelong friends)…through EVENTS on a micro and macro level inside the event and all the way around the world with astounding efficiency by using the digital technology supplied at YOUR EVENT. There are many ways to monetize that for your event BRAND and if you are not doing that NOW at every event, you are seriously losing out.


Event Digital Technology is NOT to be trifled with. We are talking powerful stuff here. These days, Events + Digital Technology equals money MADE not just money spent. Think of it this way…Events are the Facebook to the crowd. Events are fun, engaging, and interactive like Facebook. But at the end of the day, how does Facebook make the big money? By gathering the analytics, stats, contacts and networks associated with the crowd’s need to connect. With the right Event Digital Technology, your event can become the BRAND that makes big profits off the interaction of the crowd by collecting those analytics and stats to SELL back to the attendees or those that want to market to them.