Social Displays at Events – The Billion Dollar Idea

Billion $ Idea

I have been a huge advocate of social displays at events for many years. The benefits of using social displays at your event FAR outweigh the issues.Yet social display technology is still very new technology…so there are issues that need to be considered and addressed.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a social display:

1. There is a BIG misconception out there about social displays. Most believe this is a simple fun idea – IT IS NOT – it is VERY POWERFUL marketing, and should be respected as such.

REMEMBER Ellen at the Oscars taking that iconic Hollywood selfie (think of the TV as the “social display” at your event)? That ONE event tweet brought SAMSUNG a billion dollars in business…YES…a BILLION $$$ worth of BUSINESS.

ONE TWEET=A BILLION DOLLARS. Do I have your attention now?

2. Terminology in Digital Technology is not uniform across all companies – this is a problem because right now, Digital Technology is a “country” where many different countries are coming together and trying to communicate using their own language. This leaves most people involved very confused as to what the others is talking about. [for instance – Twitterwalls, Tweetwalls, Social Media Walls, Social Boards are being most commonly and standardly called – SOCIAL DISPLAYS]

3. Not ALL social display companies are created equal. The natural process of eliminating the wheat from the chaff has not occurred yet with social display companies because of how new the technology is.

The MOST important thing when choosing a social display company is REAL-TIME CUSTOMER SERVICE – if the social display company does not have your event as it’s priority throughout your event, do not use them.

4. Monitoring is an ABSOLUTE. Monitoring should be done by a person that knows the desires of EVERY sponsor, exhibitor, speaker, etc, involved in the event. If this sounds somewhat unrealistic – your right – BUT none the less, it is true.

Best case scenario? Each individual company involved in the event, that cares about it’s brand reputation online and in the real world, should have a person specifically chosen to monitor the hashtag for the event. HUGE benefits will come out of this.

TIP – these days…ALL PR is good PR, it is just about how a brand handles it.

5. Placement of social displays are key. As with real estate, it is location, location, location. I would not take the advice of those attending your event to make this decision for you. Evaluate it yourself. For instance, your speakers may have heard social displays distract from their spotlight. Speakers don’t understand the concept of how to USE social displays to benefit themselves so they perceive that they are fighting with the social display for attention. It isn’t true. Social displays are a huge benefit to them, as well as everyone else at the event, once they are shown how to use them properly.

6. Before you look at having a great social display presentation – BEFORE you consider incorporating a lot of digital technology into your event – consider investing in a reputable “professionally managed” internet connectivity company – they will be the backbone of your entire event.

THINK security and digital overload issues.

7. I could go on, but in truth, if I were an Event Professional, I would hire a digital tech professional who knows all the ins and outs of social display technology and marketing to run your event social display. It is that important.

The BENEFITS of Social Displays at your event are amazing. Event Social Displays will revolutionize marketing…online and in the real-world. However, a solid strategy needs to be laid out for your event social display. To do that, Event Professionals need to understand that although Social Displays may look like a simple fun idea, they are some of the most powerful marketing at your event. Dont let anyone else tell you differently.