Social Media Marketing, Hashtags (social keywords) for Wedding Professionals and Brides


It is interesting in an industry where the word “engagement” is of the highest importance that when it comes to social media marketing, the industry professionals are less than engaging on their social platforms; More often than not, wedding professionals use a splattering of common unoriginal bridal themed photos that do nothing to define one wedding provider from another; And if interactions are taking place at all with potential clients through social platforms, engagement appears to be seriously lacking.

To make social media marketing work for wedding professionals seeking more bridal clients, wedding service providers need to find their social “sweet spot” by integrating feelings, emotions, and passions into the “posting” mix. SHOW your excitement, SHOW your passion, EXPRESS your thrill for potential clients’ engagements, weddings, and the event that is to be the “happiest day of their lives”. You will find by doing this, that you will NOT have to SELL your BRAND, instead your brand will sell itself. AND imagine this…you will actually have FUN doing it.

JOY is a powerful motivator. Genuinely sharing the joy of another is powerfully bonding and engaging. Some of the most joyous experiences on earth are all surrounding LOVE. As wedding professionals, you are in the business of “love and joy”. With the evolution of social marketing, wedding professionals are in the perfect industry to use these two emotions to draw clients to their brand and encourage influencers to do the selling for you. Social marketing is about showing personality. Social marketing is not the time to be overly conservative (aka boring). Boring, online, IS THE KISS OF DEATH.

[TIP: Sit down with your digital device, have fun, and ENAGE with your friends, followers, and those seeking supporters of their love and joy online. STOP running around and thinking I have to do this and I have to do that. Create a brand party online through social media and be the star of your own brand party – it is that simple…and that FUN.]

Posting to your social platforms must employ posts with feeling – meaning you are going to have to be more creative with your words, not just your photos. Feeling INCLUDES all things that are genuine, like disappointment and concern. [for example, if a teen posts on Twitter about her friends getting married and her not, let her know you support her and applaud her as appropriate; if a young man says he is waiting to get married because he wants what’s best for his children and a marriage to last forever, applaud him for his ideals] This kind of authentic interaction will encourage future interactions and recommendations by those you engage with. You and your brand will be known as the wedding service provider that “cares”. To be recognized for that online in your niche is a powerful social marketing tool. It defines you and your BRAND, separating you from the crowd.

Here are some more vital social marketing tips for wedding and bridal professionals –

  • You must be posting to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, AND Pinterest. Try using a posting and scheduling platform like Hootsuite to make your life a little easier. The basic Hootsuite usage fee is free-$6 per month and will make your life exceedingly easier when it comes to posting to several platforms. [NOTE: you can not post to Instagram or Pinterest from Hootsuite]
  • USE one or all of these hashtags when you post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram AND Pinterest. Hashtags have been getting a bad rap recently, but they are totally necessary when it comes to being found by new clients.
    • Think of hashtags as social keywords for SEO.
    • Using a hashtag is like having a powerful search tool for your brand and industry at your fingertips.
    • Using a hashtag means you can be found no matter what time of week or day that you post.
    • Using a hashtag doesn’t mean that you always have to use the hashtag symbol (#) – a hashtag is simply an appropriate keyword that is used to search within a platform.
  • Here are some of the top hastags / keywords that I have found appropriate for the bridal industry – #Love, #Wedding, #Engagement (popular in reaching wedding professionals), #Bridal, #Bride, #Engaged (popular in reaching those newly engaged), #MyWeddingDay (popular on Instagram), #BrideToBe (popular on Twitter), getting married (without the hashtag symbol in front of it), and any hashtags that would be used to define your location (like #SanDiego or San Diego). My suggestion to you is to try using these words with and without the hashtag symbol (#) in front of them – both will give different results and reach different groups of people.
  • Also, don’t be afraid to use keywords that seem like they are appropriate to the industry yet in the past tense – like #MyWeddingDay – couples who have just gotten married, usually have many friends that are about to get married, and can become your most enthusiastic influencers – their good AND bad experiences with other providers can lead their friends right to you.

Now, get online, have FUN and BE ENGAGING! Cheers!