The Marketing Power OF Comic-Con

Comic Con Powers Activate

I live in San Diego. I have never attended Comic Con.

I have never considered myself a Trekkie / Trekker nor a Warsies (Star Wars Fan) so years ago, when Comic Con was rising to infamy (and I could have gotten a ticket for a sane price and no real local competition), I thought why bother. But there was always the lurking desire for me to keep an inquisitive eye on the growing sensation that Comic Con has now become.

Comic Con is a marketing phenomenon and here is why – there has never been another entity that has molded Hollywood to them instead of Hollywood bending to it. It is truly a story of David vs Goliath, or um, Superheros vs Reality. But at the same time, there has always been this underlying undeniable feeling that Comic Con’s creators and steadfast supporters, seemingly never cared what Hollywood thought (not true, as the history would show, but certainly they portrayed that sense through the steadfast attendees). And as hackers take over our world, and Comic Con rises to ultimate power, I continually have the 1984 cult classic Hollywood flik streaming through my mind – this is the Revenge of the Nerds.

“Nerd” (these days more appropriately labeled “Geek & Freak”) Marketing is a phenomenon I first noticed many years ago when I became an Art Major at my Liberal Arts college so that I could make my way into the world of Advertising. It evolved something like this – where the art geeks went to hide from the establishment was soon where the conservatives would come and invade, and spread word to their friends of this new “cool” place. As soon as the establishment infused their controlled thinking into a place, the geeks evacuated, and went on to find the next freethinking, unique and creatively infused venue; and then the process would repeat itself. At that point in time, the geeks, freaks and nerds were still determined to never sell-out; it was their mantra…their life’s mission. But power, fame and fortune have a funny way of changing people. (cant forget the 1996 juror who came dressed as a Trekkie welding the ideals of the Trek Nation in the Whitewater Case – she was released from the panel when she agreed to be interviewed by the press)

Curses! – fame and fortune triumph AGAIN!

As it is with Comic Con. What starts as an underground movement of those determined to stick to their unconventional ideals evolves into an undeniably fantastic marketing opportunity that the establishment embraces with vigor…And for GOOD REASON. For those of you in business that haven’t broken the Nerd Marketing barrier consider the following –

  • 130,000+ will actually attend Comic Con but millions more will be following it on social, 24/7 from all over the world
  • 1000+ Hollywood professionals will attend the event and that means exposure on a grand scale
  • 180,000,000+ is the estimated economic impact, in dollars, of Comic-Con on the city of San Diego each year
  • 1 billion dollars is the amount made by Samsung off 1 tweet made by Ellen Degeneres using the 2014 Oscar’s hashtag on Twitter that was seen round the world

Comic Con starts this week. One just cant deny the power of the Nerd-Geek-Freak Marketing employed by Comic Con. #ComicCon2014 or #ComicCon are the hashtags to follow or post to on Twitter. May be time to join the Geek Nation.

Comic Con powers activate…

Form of…

…cash flow!