The Rise of the Boutique Bridal Show

Carmen Rose W

Time is moving in on your Wedding Day.

You have planned your dream wedding since you were 4. It has evolved with time and you are going to make sure that it will truly represent the essence of you – a creation of every year of your life, and now down to the day.

Your boyfriend took great steps to make the day he proposed to you memorable and all about his love for the one and only…you.

You accepted the ring, it is beautiful, and represents the unique love between you and you’re soon to be husband.

You searched and searched for your wedding dress. All your closest friends and family confirmed…it is perfect and uniquely you.

But now, you still need to pick a venue that will shine with your personality; the perfect DJ or band that will play the songs personal to you and your groom; the cake that is perfect to your tongue and eyes; and all those other unique additions that will leave a permanent impression on all your guests.


Your Wedding Day MUST sparkle like you!


So where do you go to find all that “uniqueness”? More and more brides are opting for the smaller more intimate specialty, boutique bridal shows to build relationships with the vendors that will represent them on their Wedding Day. The smaller shows offer that personal touch that makes a wedding special. The shows are offered several times a year and held at various venue locations allowing the brides to see if that venue will fit their ideals and express their personality. Vendors are pre-screened to make sure they have good reviews and the smaller shows create an intimate atmosphere making them more conducive to talking with the vendors to establish a rapport and determine compatibility.

Are you starting to catch the boutique bridal vibe? Here is a list of some of the most popular boutique bridal shows on social media (…even in the bridal world – social media DOES matter when you want to be found)

Atlanta – Le Fais do-do

San Diego – The Wedding Divas Bridal Show

Dallas – Soiree Boutique Bridal Shows

Vancouver BC – Bling Boutique Bridal Show

Pittsburgh – Bridal Showcase and Boutique Bridal Show

New York – New York Weddings Event

Denver – Colorado Bridal Show

Savannah, Georgia – Behind the Veil Boutique Bridal Show

St Louis – Boutique Bridal Event

Louisville, Kentucky – Love & Such

Birmingham, Alabama – The SOHO Bridal Show

Marina del Rey – Festival Of The Brides

Portland, Oregon – LUXE Bridal Event

San Francisco & Napa – Luxury Wedding Shows


Congratulations to you! – You are special therefore may the bridal shows you attend be as special as you

– and may love abound the closer you move towards your dreams.