Why We All Can Be, and Need to Be, a Social Superman


Superman is powerful. Superman is intelligent. Superman is successful.

Superman is attractive. Superman is famous…for all the right reasons.

Superman is our ideal.




Have you considered that

Superman is honest; Superman is just; Superman is loyal; Superman is giving,

Superman is caring, kind, and compassionate?


In the original episode, when Superman comes to earth, He explains:

“Superbeings on Krypton were

designed to represent the human race at its ultimate peak of perfect development.”


And here’s the thing…

If we are not living up to our ideal,

while STRONGLY encouraging those around us to do the same…

then we are not living up to the full POWER of our POTENTIAL as the human race.

And we are ripping off ourselves, and the future of our planet and race.

It is your CHOICE to live as a Social Superman or a Social Superbully.

And with that choice you choose to allow life to flourish,

OR you choose omnicide…aka suicide.



The power of positive thinking is a good thing. And truly, it shouldn’t be put on a leash. However, when any ideal moves into the position of addiction? Then it is time to re-configure our priorities; especially as a society.


TIP: Thoughts (and “prayers”) do not equal action.


I have seen the positive thinking phenomenon literally go from being a person who shines bright and shares positive “energy” to those that bulldoze others out of their life so as not to “dirty their personal karma” as they are in hot pursuit of the holy grail of opportunity and success. Too often this means that those suffering from a serious issue, are left to face, not only the issue by themselves, but the shunning of those that believe “they who suffer” are living with the “Black Plague” of the soul.


The consequence of this “karma addiction” is leading to a society that no longer sees the need to “help one’s neighbor, friend, or family member” but rather chooses to shut-down their peripheral emotional vision and gain their “positive giver image” through an emotionally-detached, karma-safe 3rd party charity.


Here’s the problem with that thinking – the desire to keep a clean positive karma radius is creating a devastated localized society around you. And that isn’t good for anybody.


Now back to Superman. Here’s a guy who truly has some strong positive karma; perhaps the MOST positive karma achievable. Yet, he’s a guy who flies high and drops everything to help the most needy form of life RIGHT below him. You don’t see Superman flying to the other side of the planet when there is a major issue going on right next door to the Daily Planet where Clark Kent works. Superman never turns away from a human that is suffering of “negative karma”; Superman always focuses squarely on the issue and becomes determined to correct it. In the process, Superman offers those suffering the most awesome gift – freedom from a spiraling out-of-control negative life-force…and a return to the possibility of a positive life flow. I’d say Superman has got his priorities straight, with a healthy regard for his local community; And it does seem that Superman’s biggest priority is to take out the comic world’s Supervillians, aka bullies, of all sorts.


With the inception of the internet, our real world expanded into an unruly off-reality online universe – where suddenly laws, ethics, morals no longer exert boundaries. And worse yet, the façade for traveling this universe, can be 100% anonymous by choice – allowing each individual to easily live a completely double life – Superman facade in the real; anonymous Supervillian online. The result is the rise of the Social Superbully – super-gossip, slanderer, privacy-invader, stalker, hacker, thief, porn-addict, child sex trafficker, terrorist, and on and on.


With the inception of social media, our “local community” expanded around the world and so did access to our personal domain for every Social Superbully imaginable; with the inception of social media, came the explosion of unbridled bullies and unrestrained bullying by potentially 100% anonymous stalkers. And worse yet, these Superbullies, also have access to OUR CHILDREN’S personal domain – with our children’s social awareness being the equivalent of social kryptonite.


With the rise of both the internet and social media, EVERY CHOICE by ANY online user AROUND THE WORLD has become the SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY of ALL. Therefore, it is our duty, as a civil society, to become Social Supermen – Whereby each of us must monitor ourselves, our social neighborhoods, and EVERY child’s social neighborhood – reminding and influencing EACH individual in our “local community” to do right by society…and each other.


Being a Social Superman is vital to the advancement, and survival, of the human race. Superman is the quintessential superhero, and one of the reasons is because of his dynamic and abundant powers. How can we translate Superman’s superpowers into a beginning strategy for us as Social Supermen?



It takes strength to stand up for what is right and perhaps sacrifice surface desires for truth, respect, and justice. Even with Superman’s super-body-strength, when he takes a hit, it still hurts. Yet, Superman doesn’t back down even when faced with kryptonite; It may weaken him but it always seems to strengthen his resolve.



It has been our destiny as human beings to evolve into intelligent, thinking, advanced creatures. Yet, with the inception of the internet and social media, it seems that we have fallen “back-word” allowing our lower functioning instinctual drives to take over logical rational thought and a desire to reach higher ideals and superior potential. A Social Superman is smarter than a Social Superbully. Most Superbullies are narcissists and believe they can outsmart everyone but that swings in the Social Superman’s favor. That may mean you will need to organize a crowd of like-minded Social Supermen and become a dominant force online OR “speak softly, and carry a big stick”. The point is that you, as a rational, thinking, caring Social Superman ARE ALREADY SUPERIOR to the instinct driven animal that is the Social Superbully.



As humans, we have evolved. We have the ability to embrace our 6th senses.

In other words…Think out-side-the-box and TRUST YOUR GUT.

If “something” is telling you to BEWARE…

If something sounds bad…

If something feels bad…


Listen, feel, TRUST yourself, evaluate proper action, and ACTIVATE proper response.



We have come into a NEW AGE. We have “ARRIVED” in the age of stunning technology which grants us opportunities to thrive as never before possible. This is the age of high-functioning technology that has LITERALLY given us the ability to BECOME SUPERMAN using bionic limbs, eyes, and brains. At some point these technological advancements will out-perform our own flesh making us super-naturally durable beings.

But with these advancements we have the higher calling of protecting our humanity as well. Superman would not be our ideal without his super-sense of compassion, caring, and kindness. These very traits lift Superman to a place far superior to the Supervillians / Superbullies he continually triumphs over. With the arrival of this NEW AGE…our lives of privacy, innocence and bliss are gone…even for our youngest children. We must teach them that Super-Social-Durability means overcoming the cruel voice and actions of all-types of Superbullies; it means you survive to see yourself, and other Social Supermen, triumph over them all.



With the inception of the internet and social media, your voice can be heard around the world. One no longer needs to rely on the “media” to be heard. Make it your duty to use all that is at your fingertips for the good of all society.



With the inception of the internet and social media, information flies at the speed of light. Social Superbullies understood the power of online speed for their destructive purposes (ex. computer viruses) faster than Social Supermen have embraced it for good. BUT Social Supermen are coming back strong with such campaigns on Twitter like #YesAllWomen and #NoMore. Follow, learn, and ACTIVATE your own.


TIP: Do you want to achieve NATIONAL media attention in less than ONE MINUTE? Try this – Have a Twitter account; Pick a powerful, easy to remember Hashtag; Contact 250 [Social Supermen] Twitter accounts; Request that ALL 250 Twitter accounts use your hashtag at the SAME EXACT TIME on the SAME DAY (for example, 6:01pm on Sunday night); Your hashtag WILL TREND and WILL GET national media’s attention.



With these truths it is your social duty to take action.

Humans were never created to sleep, we were created to soar.

Social Supermen

Let’s reach for the stars as Social Supermen. Let’s choose to achieve the “ultimate peak of perfect development” defined for humans by the race of Supermen from Krypton; Let’s not chose the depths of destruction defined by the Supervillians…or the Social Superbullies.