Social Sweet Spot drives untapped value to your business by generating and grabbing the data coming from the devices your customers are already using as a business resource. Hit your Brand's Social Sweet Spot - and You Win.

Social Sweet Spot is an independent marketing agency that leverages innovative technical platforms with a full range of marketing services to help clients sell more. We go beyond traditional marketing and branding by developing event solutions that are squarely at the intersection of marketing technology and customer experience. We define and incorporate event technologies and IoT technologies into your brand's strategy and combine them with your branding and marketing to generate big data and leads that produce tangible value for our clients (ROI).

The Internet of Things (IoT technologies / the devices your customers are already using for fun, engagement, and as a business resource) are the newest ways savvy brands can collect data / leads about your business, your customers and the impact of your competition on your target market. And because these technologies use physical devices it also allows you to interact with your operations and customers. And because these devices are out in the real world actively collecting information or interacting, they are like an extension of your brand, and your brand’s representatives; They extend your ability to perceive and understand, to monitor and control your brand's image and impact. And because they are physical devices, they extend your ability to automate and optimize. Where you add value and how your business can take advantage of IoT is deciding what data you need and what interactions enhance your business’ value propositions.

Social Sweet Spot's branding + marketing + event solutions approach creates value for brands by identifying your organizations current strengths (the branding) and then applying the marketing that is being driven by the IoT devices and technologies (event solutions) that your customers are using daily to define your target market's needs and wants (the marketing) to those strengths to accelerate, generate and gather the data coming from the intersection between them all (your brand's social sweet spot). Finding that intersection gives brands the ability to metaphorically float above your business, your consumers, your industry, and your competition to see how they all impact one another.  

Social Sweet Spot knows how to dig out the value propositions your company offers. We know how to give event and IoT technologies business value. We know how to find what it is your brand uniquely offers to its customers, and why those customers keep coming back. Your company does some 'things' really well. IoT (the devices your customers use to interact with your brand) can enhance what you do well and provide entirely new ways to serve your current and new customers. We define and create what 'thrills and delights' your customers (what it is that keeps your current customers coming back to you) to identify ways to strengthen and augment your value propositions with event and IoT technologies.

Karen Ellis - Social Sweet Spot Founder

Karen 'Kat' Ellis, Founder and Driver of Social Sweet Spot

20+ years branding and marketing top brands

10+ years driving IoT event solutions to generate marketing and big data

"Every brand in the world must now entertain it's customers to stay relevant. I call it the 'Disney Effect'.​"