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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Consultation

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Event Solutions

Event Solutions Consultation

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Social Sweet Spot offers solutions that amplify brand experiences

  • 360 / 3D Video Applications
  • Ambient Information Capture
  • Augmented Reality
  • Content Capture, Monetization, and Dissemination
  • Data Visualization
  • Dynamic A/V and Lighting Interfaces
  • Event Management Software and Mobile Applications
  • Event Registration and Communication
  • Event Website Build with Mobile Optimization
  • Geo-Location Services
  • Holographic Technology
  • Indoor Drone Tech
  • Interactive / Digital Learning
  • Animation and Display (Traditional / Lenticular)
  • Mobile Wifi and Networking Solutions
  • Online Production Studios: Advanced Multimedia Tools
  • Virtual Reality
  • Physical-to-Digital: Vocal, Handwritten, Gestures
  • Presentation Technologies
  • Project Management Software
  • Projection Mapping
  • Reactive Digital Media & Signage
  • Real-Time Attendee Analytics
  • Recognition Softwares (Facial, Spatial)
  • Semi-Artificial Intelligence
  • Touchscreen Applications

Do today, what everyone else will be doing tomorrow.

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